Meet the Team

The Somerset Music team has been teaching children music on our County for over 30 years. We have a team of dedicated tutors who share the same passion to deliver high-quality learning.

Somerset Music is a member of Music Mark, the national body for music services, and all staff benefit from regular training from various bodies associated with the organisation.

Glyn Bowen

Director of Somerset Music

Kirsten Wordley

Deputy Director of Somerset Music

Nicola Thompson

Senior Lead Teacher

Fiona Durham

Business & Commercial Support Officer

Eliza Brodie

Business & Commercial Support Assistant

Sarah Alsop

Resources Technician

Anna Davies

Clarinet, Recorder, Ukulele & Percussion Tutor

David Bertie

Brass Tutor

Gareth Clarke

Ukulele & Percussion Tutor

Elizabeth Eveleigh

Woodwind & Ukulele Tutor

Chris Large

Percussion & Ukulele Tutor

Helen Morgan

String tutor

Katherine Maitland

Woodwind Tutor

Peter Selby

Ukulele, Percussion & Piano Tutor

Charlotte Sloane-Hill

String & Piano Tutor

Abi Todd

String, Ukulele, Guitar & Piano Tutor

Claire Whitworth

Brass Tutor

Martha Williams

Woodwind, Percussion, Ukulele & Piano Tutor

Sephi Williams

Violin, Percussion, Ukulele & Recorder Tutor

Matthew Male

Percussion, Guitar & Ukulele Tutor

Leonie Rouffet-Britton

Percussion, Ukulele, Taiko & Singing Tutor

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